January 5th: Worship Canceled

Worship Canceled
Pastors Chad and Kennen are back and have a fun service planned for tomorrow, Sunday January 5th. Unfortunately, we will have to tuck it away for another time due to the extreme weather conditions. We believe it is of great important to gather regularly to worship God and to spend time loving and supporting each other as a family of faith, so it is never an easy decision to cancel worship. We also believe there is no reason to encourage anyone to venture into potentially dangerous conditions. We’ve been following the weather closely, and while it looks like the roads should be clear, the pastors and the worship committee are not comfortable with people venturing out in the extreme cold. We encourage you to stay safe and warm in your homes, and to spend some time in worshipful meditation tomorrow morning—around 10:30am ☺ Be safe, and God bless you!

~Pastors Chad and Kennen