IMG_0021cFellowship is an integral part of the life and worship of our family of faith. Just as it is important for a family to share life experiences together, so we believe it is important that we share the joys and concerns of our lives together. We support one another through our struggles, and we celebrate life’s blessings with one another. We also have a lot of fun together!

On the second Sunday of each month we enjoy fellowship together at 9:45AM. Not only do we enjoy a mid-morning snack (coffee, juice, rolls, cookies, etc.), but most importantly we also enjoy friendly conversation as we learn what others have been up to during the week.

IMG_0026cWe also enjoy fellowship with monthly potluck meals and other gatherings throughout the year. The last Sunday of each month immediately following worship September-May, our family of faith gathers for a potluck meal in the church basement. We have some of the best cooks in Estherville, and the proof is in the pudding (and in the entrees, side dishes, and other desserts!). Whether you are a member, a friend of the congregation, or someone who has yet to set foot in our church, you are welcome to join us! Bring something to share and come enjoy great food, delightful conversation, and interesting games!  Our congregation hosts an annual Ice Cream Social in August, complete with a hot meal and homemade, home-churned ice cream!  We share in fellowship over other important meals in the church calendar year, including the Fat Tuesday pancake supper, and Maundy Thursday soup supper.

paintingpartyFellowship also extends outside the context of meals.  We encourage fellowship through our monthly Holy Moly Book Club, which consists of two reading groups that gather on the couches to discuss their latest book.  We have also encouraged fellowship outside of the church walls through an offsite painting party, gatherings in members’ homes, and eating out together!  If you have an idea for a fellowship opportunity, please contact the church office.