First Presbyterian Church is pleased to make its staff and facilities available to couples that seek a Christian wedding ceremony.  It is important that you read and fully understand the contents of this wedding policy; any questions may be directed to either of our pastors.

It is expected that one partner in the couple be an active member of our faith family, or be the child or stepchild of an active member.  Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of and must be approved by session.  “Active membership” is defined by record of attendance or monetary giving within the last two years.
Generally, the church should be contacted no later than four months before a proposed wedding date; eight months or more is preferable.  After an initial meeting with the pastor(s), the wedding date will tentatively be placed on the church calendar until session gives approval.  The couple will be notified once the wedding date and facility have been secured.
Premarital Counseling
All couples are required to attend no less than six premarital counseling sessions with the pastor(s).  During these sessions, various topics will be covered, including, but not limited to, the nature of Christian marriage, the relationship of the couple, their faith, and the nature and form of the wedding service itself.  If the couple is unable to meet this requirement due to specific circumstances, alternative plans must be arranged with the pastor(s).  The pastor(s) must be satisfied that appropriate premarital counseling has taken place.
Financial Arrangements
The wish of First Presbyterian Church is that no couple be denied a wedding due to financial reasons.  Thus, if the fee schedule is prohibitive, please speak with the pastor(s).  A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the wedding date on the church calendar, which will be applied toward the facility fee listed below.

  • Facility (includes custodial and sound tech fees) – $250
  • Pianist/Organist (if needed) – $100
  • Pastor(s) – $200
  • Secretary (if bulletins are printed) – $50

Worship, Music, and Decorations
The pastor(s) will help the couple determine an order for worship, including appropriate scripture texts, other readings, and music.  Any decorative items must be removable, and it is the responsibility of the couple to ensure all wedding decorations are removed the same day as the ceremony.  Any damage caused by decorations will be charged to the couple, even if the damage is incurred by another party acting on the couples’ behalf, such as florists, wedding planners, family members, guests, etc.  The church has candelabras available for use that are included in the facility fee (candles not included).  The church also has aisle candleholders available for use, which attach to the pews on the inside aisle.  The candleholders are also included in the facility fee, but do not include candles.  The couple must schedule a time with the administrative assistant for decorating, so as to ensure there will be no building use conflicts.
Photography and Videography
Because a wedding service at First Presbyterian Church is foremost a service of worship, we ask that your photographer and guests refrain from flash photography during the ceremony.  Flash photography may be taken before or after the ceremony.  If the wedding ceremony will be videoed, we ask that videographers be discreet so as to not distract from the service of worship.  Our church is equipped to make a videotape of the ceremony from the balcony only; this add-on service is available for an additional $25.
Changing Rooms, Food, and Drink
Changing space for the wedding party is available downstairs in the church basement.  Please feel free to bring food items and non-alcoholic beverages; they may be stored in the kitchen and church refrigerators.  Trashcans are provided throughout the church for convenience and we ask that everyone make a concerted effort to keep the church clean.
Marriage License
It is the responsibility of the couple to secure the necessary marriage license and to bring it to the wedding rehearsal.
Rehearsal Night
The pastor(s) is responsible for directing the wedding rehearsal; it should take no longer than 45 minutes.  All members of the wedding party are expected to arrive promptly at the set time.  Late arrivals could mean a shorter and less thorough wedding rehearsal.  The couple is expected to bring the marriage license and payment in the form of cash or checks for all fees.
Wedding Reception
If the couple would like to have a wedding reception at the church, they will need to contact the Presbyterian Women organization in order to obtain fee schedules and other requirements.  The administrative assistant can provide contact information.
Guest Clergy
If the couple desires to have another pastor participate in the wedding ceremony, this should be discussed with the pastor(s) of First Presbyterian Church prior to inviting a guest clergy.  Only at the invitation of our pastor(s) will another pastor be permitted to participate.
Other Items
Rice or confetti may not be thrown after the wedding; birdseed or bubbles may be used outside only instead; please speak with the pastor(s) for further information.  No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted anywhere in the church facility.