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God is doing great things through First Presbyterian

It is a blessing to experience God doing great things through First Presbyterian Church. Our family of faith is working hard to serve God in our community and in the world by helping people encounter the love of God in new ways. Adults, youth, and kids come with important questions about faith and living the Christian life; worshippers sing praises to God with energy and excitement; and smiles and laughter abound on Wednesdays with Presbyterian Kids Club after school and Youth Group after dinner! Our family of faith believes personal relationships with God are so important that it gives much of its time, energy, skills, and money to helping all people–from kids to adults–encounter the grace, mercy, and love of God.


Give to God and support a great ministry

Making an offering online is a great way to give to God while also supporting the incredible life-changing work of First Presbyterian Church. All online offering transactions are handled through the safety and security of the Presbyterian Foundation’s Mission Exchange servers.


Understanding my options

You will first be asked to select a fund: “Offerings” is the fund equivalent to placing money into the plate during worship–this money goes to support all ministries funded by our annual budget. “Roof Fund” is the fund that counts toward our goal of raising the money spent on replacing our roof to fix the many water leaks and remove the bats from the church.

Recurring Donations–never worry about forgetting the checkbook at home again!

You may make as many “One Time Gifts” as you please. This option simply means you will need to return to this web page to make future online offerings. Alternatively, choosing “recurring donation” means your offering will be made automatically at whichever frequency you set (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually).


Direct Transfer

Finally, you will have the choice of using either a credit card or a bank transfer to make your online offering. The preferred option is to make a bank transfer. Bank transfers allow the church to receive 99% of your donation (1% goes to the Presbyterian Foundation for their operating expenses). Using a credit card is another option that works well for folks who like to earn frequent flyer miles through purchases made on their credit card. You should know that with credit card transactions 2.6% of the donation goes to the credit card company, 1% goes to the Presbyterian Foundation, and the church receives about 96.4% of the donation. There is more information at the bottom of the page with the online donation form.