About Us

For over 130 years our family of faith has been changing lives in the name of Jesus Christ in the greater Estherville area.

Since 1881, when First Presbyterian Church of Estherville, Iowa first opened its doors, we have been a congregation of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (PCUSA). We are blessed by our denomination; by the support and guidance it offers in practical matters and through the Statements of Faith that connect us to our members past, present, and future.

As a family of faith, when we look back on our history we smile and we laugh, we cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow, and we remember with humility the ways God has blessed so richly. Throughout all our years, one thing will never change: We are imperfect sinners; people broken by this world. And yet we boldly cling to our confident hope in God’s Goodness, Mercy, and Love. By God’s Grace and with the support we offer each other, we strive to live our lives as servants to our Lord, Jesus the Christ. Emboldened by the encouragement of our family of faith, the overwhelming Love of God, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we seek to love our neighbors with extraordinary boldness.

If you truly desire to learn more about who we are, we encourage you to visit us. It would be our honor to share a cup of coffee (or juice) with you. There is a warmth in our community that simply cannot be conveyed through the Internet.

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If you have any questions, please contact us.
We would love to have the chance to speak with you and get to know you!